• Roxii Hoare-Smith

eBay Spectacular: Neon Knit and Black Midi

Jumper & Skirt – eBay

I am eBay obsessed! It is full of such amazing bargains. I’ve been waiting for the next free listing weekend so I can add some more things and annoyingly it’s now, the weekend I have so much uni work to do! (Although I found some time to come on here hehe) Selling a lot of old things on eBay has meant I have been able to treat myself to some new clothes on ebay and Missguided recently. Although most of the things sold have been my mums but she is too kind and buys me things with the money. (Love you mum if you are reading this…I think she’s just discovered my blog – a year late mum!)

I featured both items on my eBay finds. I bought the jumper first and then couldn’t decide what to style it with as it’s so bright, it needs something basic with it. I could also pair with mom jeans (if I ever decide to buy some more after I had to send my others back), disco pants or denim shorts.

It definitely looked a lot brighter outside than when I was getting ready inside but I love the style of it and it’s perfect for this weird hot one day cold the next weather. I wore this casually to uni all day where I basically sat in the computer room for 6 hours working on a magazine!

The jumper is tucked it so it makes me look pregnant and like I have a Iggy Azalea booty!


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