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eBay Finds #16

I have my laptop back! So thankful for Apple care as I saved £154. Apple replaced my hard drive and so quickly as well! Sad thing is I lost everything so now I need to remember what programs I had and what I need to re download. It feels so weird using this laptop as all the settings have been reset and at the moment I just cannot get along with the mouse settings!

Luckily all of that can be back to normal with time but unfortunately I never backed up any of my photos and videos so I lost thousands and thousands of photos which I will never get back as I didn’t upload them to Blogger or Facebook. It’s a shame as I have thousands of memories stored on my laptop and I’ll never be able to get them back. I guess it’s time to take another few thousand photos to replace them and maybe visit all those countries again so I can retake my holiday photos ;)?

I can get back to normal posting and now post about London Fashion Weekend! Although I need to limit my posts as my university work load at the moment is horrendous. Eeek!

If you have seen my previous eBay finds posts, you will see I posted this shirt before! Although before the shirt I posted was £14 I managed to find it this time for £10 cheaper! Such a bargain! I own so many shirts but as this is so cheap I’m tempted.

Available in black & white – £4.85 (Since making this post the ebay post says £104.85 now!! There must be some mistake haha)

This is a bit of a random one but I bought this for my boyfriend off eBay for his birthday. It’s a beer brewing kit so you can make your own beer! Our beer (well I say ours), his beer is currently brewing and I can’t wait to try it!


Last time it was galaxy print now it’s neon. I need some neon in my life now I have fulfilled my galaxy print love! This jumper comes in variety of wonderful colours, I’m not really one for a lot of basics but I want a few of these!

Available in 17 colours – £6.99

Polo necks are so in right now and this dress is so figure flattering!

Available in 6 colours – £4.99

I’ve been looking at these since last summer and I just can’t decide if I like them or not? I wasn’t too keen on my last pair of fake Underground creepers so not sure I want to risk it again.

But the colour is so pretty!!



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