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eBay Finds #13

Although my blog is mainly focused on fashion & beauty, I hope you don’t mind me posting items in my eBay finds which are just random pieces not related to fashion and beauty!

Let me know in the comments what items you prefer me to feature in my finds posts!

How cute is this iPhone case? I want it! I’ve always had quite plain cases so this ‘3D’ case would be something different to have.


I posted a similar coat last week in my eBay finds post although this one is different, just a little more expensive!

Leather sleeves are so on trend right now so I really want a jacket like this.


I already have two skull ornaments on my dressing table so maybe a third will be too much? I really want this though! It’s a great decanter which I would love for decoration in my room to hold vodka or whisky!


I love platform shoes right now, it seems to be the only shoes I buy at the moment and although I’m not really a trainers girl, these would be fantastic shoes for the summer! It means you can stay comfortable and practical in these shoes but also fashionable!


I’ve wanted these creepers for so long now and they have been reduced to £40! SOMEONE BUY ME THEM!

My dad has them in green, I always hated them but I want these so much – such a hypocrite, sorry Dad!

I wish I wasn’t on a spending ban as I would buy these right away 🙁

Ps. Please don’t go and buy these so there are none left for me to buy once my ban is over, even though I have kind of recommended buying them… 😉 haha I’m just kidding


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