• Roxii Hoare-Smith

eBay Finds #10

I love peplum tops! I love the style of this one.

£11.50 – available in 3 colours

These seem so popular on the blogging sphere at the moment, so I’m so tempted!


Okay not fashion related…but omg I was obsessed with Sims 2 and now I’m tempted to buy this!

I’m on a spending ban (clothes, make up, shoes etc) This doesn’t count so I may have to buy it hehe – GEEK


This is something my mum is actually watching

£16.99 – available in 7 colours

I really like the fit on this dress, it’s sold out in green right now which is a shame – hope it’s back in stock once my spending ban is over!

£13.19 – available in 2 colours

#celine #ebay #lookbook #sims3

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