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EAT. Launch New Menu

The new EAT. menu tried and tested!

I’m sure the majority of you are familiar with EAT. It’s been a favourite of mine for many years now and my favourite place to visit for a matcha latte (best I’ve tried in my opinion).

EAT. recently launched a delicious new menu so I popped in to my local branch on my way to the office for breakfast last week.

Now when it comes to breakfast I usually got a bacon sandwich or (naughtily) a McDonalds breakfast just due to ease and low cost. But now I know I can go somewhere for a similar price and get a much healthier breakfast on the go!

My absolute favourite has to be Breakfast Egg & Avocado Pot with Feta (£3.89, made without gluten). This breakfast pot was a dream and the perfect portion to keep me full for a busy morning as well as a being nice healthier alternative. The breakfast pot contains a poached egg, avocado mash and feta served with warmly spiced EAT. baked beans. You can go for ham instead of feta if you like, I’m just a bit of a cheese fanatic.

Other breakfast options include Avocado Sourdough Toast (£3.49) which is also available served with feta (£3.99) or ham hock (£3.99).

Or go for the ultimate Bacon, Egg & Avocado Roll (£4.50)

A crusty roll full to the brim with smoked back bacon, poached egg and mashed avocado, smothered with EAT.’s special chipotle ketchup. Also available without bacon (£2.95, vegetarian).

Other new editions Quinoa & Buckwheat Porridge (£2.29, made without gluten + dairy-free) A creamy porridge made with a blend of grains and seeds slowly simmered in coconut milk, served with banana, honey and topped off with sprinkled seeds including chia, pumpkin and sunflower.

I washed my breakfast down with my favourite Matcha latte (seriously you need to try an EAT. matcha latte) and their new Banana, date & oat smoothie. For a snack I grabbed a chocolate caramel crispie – you can’t leave EAT. without trying one of these!

There is over 117 stores in London and across Britain’s major cities, see locations here

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