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Dressing for Summer in China // Forbidden City

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Day 1 in Beijing

Top – Zara

Skirt – Missguided

Sandals & Sunglasses – ASOS

What do you wear in hot weather? I always find it difficult to dress to suit the weather. I’m either too cold with my outfit so I have to layer up (so you don’t even get to see what I am wearing!) or too hot that I feel like I was totally wrong for saving back that outfit for a ‘warmer day’. Anyway, hopefully you get what I mean…

On this day in particular it was around 36 degrees in Beijing. But despite the scorching heat I decided to wear a faux suede skirt. That seems utterly ridiculous but I realised that faux suede actually is ok to wear in hot weather and I was totally comfortable. What I did learn was that when wearing off the shoulder tops in 36 degree heat you should definitely wear sun cream (bit of an obvious one really though…). So my shoulders turned almost the same colour as my hair after that… One thing I did learn about what to wear in China is that you should be prepared for any weather. One minute it was so hot we had to keep taking little breaks to hide in the shade and the next we were hiding again, but from the violent wind, rain and hailstones! So when packing for Beijing (we visited early June) be prepared for all weathers! Wear light summery clothes suitable for 36 degree heat, but bring a mac (such a pocket mac from Primark!) and wear suitable shoes for walking through ‘river-like’ puddles.

These photos were taken at Forbidden City in Beijing, which is somewhere you have to see if you are in the capital. Forbidden City is probably the second most famous tourist attraction in China after the Great Wall.

Forbidden City is absolutely huge so give yourself plenty of time to explore (I did read it would take over 2 days to explore the whole site in detail!). The architecture is incredible with amazing painted decorations on the interior and exteriors of the buildings.

It’s very cheap to enter, 60 RMB in the summer which is just under £7. It shuts around 5.30pm so I recommend getting there early. Be prepared for large crowds and lots and lots of walking. There will be a few stalls and shops selling water (and frozen iced water in Tiananmen square opposite). But bring food with you or eat before, we made the mistake of not eating and got quite hungry while walking around and as you can imagine there wasn’t any where to sit down for a meal in there!

If you have any questions about visiting Beijing please tweet me @roxannehs or email me. I have quite a few more posts on China and Japan coming up, including how to get there and where to stay on a budget, so keep an eye out!

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