• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Dream Day Style Challenge

My Dream Day.

To be honest, I’m unlike most other girls when it comes to weddings I haven’t even really thought about mine. I often wonder if I ever will get married, we will see 🙂 Although thanks to Lover.ly I began to think a bit more about it…

I’m picky enough when it comes to clothes so choosing a wedding dress for me would be even worse, I don’t want to even think about it. However Lover.ly makes it easier for people like me as the website allows you to pick a dress to suit your style by selecting your wedding location and dress style (such as short sleeve, short dress etc.) as soon as you enter the site to help narrow down your choices. I loved so many of there beautiful dresses so I still had a problem picking!

For my Dream Day Style Challenge I chose City Glam as my location. I’m a city girl so this was an obvious choice for me.

The dress was the hard part, I loved so many but I finally went for this Monique Lhuillier dress ($6280). Trust me to pick one of the more expensive options on the website – there really is a dress at a price for every budget!

I love the elegance of the dress, so figure hugging and the lace looks so glamorous. Perfect for a wedding in the summer in the city.

When I do think about my wedding I picture the celebrations being in a nice hotel (top photograph) and everyone merry on cocktails taking photos in a photo booth so everyone can take away something to remember from the day! As you can tell I wouldn’t want a traditional wedding therefore my makeup wouldn’t be either. I’d loved to have bold eyelined eyes with red lipstick, add a bit of rock chic to a graceful occasion.

As the evening would involve a lot of cocktails and dancing to cheesy music I decided to go for this Milk and Honey shoes with a small heel so I could dance around without worrying about falling flat on my face in towering heels. I think you would be nervous enough about walking down that aisle too without having to worry about walking in heels!

Ps. Hope you aren’t too freaked out Karl (it was his idea for me to do this post, just saying!)


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