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DIY Tights into a top

As part of my journalism degree we had a group project to create a magazine. My group and I created a magazine for teen girls. As a small part of the magazine we had a DIY section. I decided to try the turn old tights into a top DIY for the magazine and I thought I would show you the outcome and how to do it yourself!

Below are some instagram photos of the tops! I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to wear them out though? Shall I do it? I’m scared it will ladder! I may try to feature them in an ‘OOTD’ post soon!

I have so many pairs of patterned tights from Primark I bought years and years ago still in packets (so I may make some more). I must have found about 30+ pairs. I grabbed some leopard print and plain black footless tights. I haven’t shown step one how to cut off the foot area as that was already done for me which made the job a lot easier!

So if you are using tights, cut away the foot area. Doesn’t matter if it’s messy as it doesn’t show!

Then cut away the crotch area. You can cut any shape you want. I decided to cut a small circular neck.

This is what it looked like after cutting. Don’t cut it too large as it will stretch!

And that really is it! It is so easy and such a great way to create new clothes and own something different to everybody else. Just be careful they don’t ladder!

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