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DIY: Studded shirt

You need:

10mm silver studs – eBay (I bought in a packet of 100)

White shirt – Primark £5 (mens)

The studs are very easy to pierce through the fabric and then secure them by bending the two points.

Use something to push the points down as it hurt my fingers after a while (I’m very impatient so wanted to get it done quickly)

So the pocket was a bit of a disaster :/

I originally bought the long sleeve shirt as I wanted to stud the ends of the sleeves but this was more difficult that I thought it would be & I also ended up liking the idea of a sleeveless shirt as it looks more feminine.

The finished product:

I plan to wear this either tucked in disco pants or my blue skirt.

Or tie it up at the bottom to wear above leggings or disco pants ! 🙂

Expect an OOTD post featuring it soon!

#ebay #FashionDIY #shirt #studs

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