• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Dancing in the dark

Top – Topshop

Jeans, Bag, Belt – Primark

Jacket, Shoes – ASOS

I will probably be featuring these shoes a lot in outfit posts for the next few months, they are my new babies! Who needs a boyfriend when you have SHOES? I feel like Carrie Bradshaw…

These are the closest pair of jeans I have to ‘Mom jeans’. I ordered a pair off of Meemee. For some reason I always think I’m a bigger size than what I am (even these jeans are miles too big which is why I had to add the belt!) and ordered a 12 when I really needed at the most an 8 so I sent them back and they had sold out so I couldn’t get an exchange. I’m not a big lover of jeans so it is probably best I didn’t waste my money and I bought the new shoes instead! I’m still eyeing up the Mom and Joni jeans in Topshop though, this however will change by next week I bet! I saw a copy of the Joni jeans in Primark a few weeks back, but they just aren’t the same 🙁

These photos were taken Bank holiday weekend when there was a Fringe Festival in my town centre so we went to a couple of pubs to see the bands and also do a spot of shopping. I have been looking at this suit (below) in Zara for a while now and I finally tried it on. I love it but it is kind of similar to pyjamas and I’m not sure I would be confident enough to wear it, plus it’s £90. What do you think? I’ve seen another suit in Zara for the same price which I may have to try on next week. Has anyone got £180 spare so I can buy them ;)?

Monday is normally eBay finds day which I seemed to have stopped recently, I have so many things I’ve found on eBay to post about so I will bring it back shortly! 🙂

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