• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Daioni Review

Unfortunately when I phoned my local take away their tills had gone down so I couldn’t satisfy my chocolate milk craving. 10 minutes later my neighbour knocked on my door with a parcel I had missed on Friday containing Daioni milk. What a coincidence! Thank you Daioni and Spider PR (and to my neighbour!)

Lazy sunday in bed with pizza and Daioni milk – perfect!

The flavoured milks came in this cute little cool bag which will be perfect for my lunches for work – Aw!

Chocolate is and always will be my favourite flavour milk. You can really taste the difference with Daioni (pronounced Dy-on-knee) compared to other flavoured milk brands. The milk is a lot smoother, creamier and so unbelievably tasty. I greedily finished my first carton in minutes which did result in me feeling a bit sick after…they just taste too damn good!

Karl and I both agreed they tasted more organic and didn’t have that artificial taste many flavoured drinks have.

To coincide with National Milk Day (11 January 2015) Daioni (which means ‘Goodness’ in Welsh), the Welsh organic milk brand is promoting this range of flavoured organic milk – the first organic flavoured milk available! Daioni is created by Trioni Ltd – a family owned business on a farm in the West Welsh counryside.

Daioni can be bought from a number of places including Tesco and Waitrose stores in Wales, Spar stores, Kent Frozen Foods (which is very near me!) or online at Abel and Cole. I’ll definitely be getting my hands on some more – udderly delicious!

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