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Cut + Grind, Kings Cross Review

Located just over a 10 minute walk from King’s Cross station is Cut + Grind, London’s first restaurant where burgers are ground on-site.

Cut + Grind is located within the Urbanest Building in King’s Cross. Although the restaurant located within a student accommodation building, Cut + Grind feels like a completely separate place and was buzzing on a Wednesday evening with a mixture of local residents and workers dining.

I am a burger fan but I don’t like just any old burger, I’m all about proper juicy, elbows dripping type of burgers. I’m not a fan of fast food burgers (unless it’s In N Out or SmashBurger in the US). So I was excited to see what Cut + Grind had in store as the restaurant is all about proper chefs making proper patties and grinding aged beef in full view of diners. Cut + Grind use only the very best ingredients with a focus on supporting the community and using local produce wherever possible. Each and every single beef patty is made using responsibly sourced British beef.

Cuts are stored in a custom-built display fridge with a choice of two patty blends always available. There’s the ‘Juicy’ option, made from the more flavoursome well-marbled cuts such as rib, chuck and brisket, or the ‘Skinny’ version, which uses the leaner of the meats like flank and tenderloin for a lighter tasting burger. I was tempted by the Skinny version (you know ‘New Year New Me’) but they twisted my arm when we were told that there’s only a 90 calorie difference between the burgers, so the Juicy burger it was.

The menu is simple and easy to navigate. There are 3 different beef burgers to choose from including the ‘Beef Brave’ with burger béarnaise; ‘Classic’ with burger béarnaise, lettuce, roast tomato, pickles and red onions; or ‘House’, served like the ‘Classic’, but topped with home-cured maple bacon – this is the one we went for. This came served in a light and fluffy toasted brioche bun with the burger covered in a generous offering of béarnaise sauce, with a side of triple-cooked Belgian-style fries which are seasoned with oregano salt. Each burger is very reasonably priced from £8 for the burger and fries.

If beef burgers aren’t your thing, Cut + Grind have a great selection of other burger dishes. These include a grilled chicken patty, a veggie option of halloumi, red pepper, hummus, rocket, tzatziki and house pickles and a vegan option of a miso-glazed aubergine burger with homemade sesame slaw, sweet pickles and spiced ketchup.

We also went for a couple of sides including their delicious halloumi fries (£5) which was perfectly seasoned with mint and yoghurt. And so I didn’t feel too bad about going for the juicy option we went for a healthy side of chargrilled broccoli. Unfortunately we seemed to get forgotten about during our visit so our dishes arrived quite late, meaning that we did not have time to sample the dessert options. But I must add that despite this the service was great and the staff were very friendly and welcoming throughout our visit.

This was all washed down with organic Italian wine. Cut + Grind has a great drinks selection including own-brand Cut + Grind pilsner available on tap, alongside bottles of local ale from Shoreditch brewery Redchurch and cider from Cornish Orchards. Soft drinks include US-inspired seltzers in a range of flavours, such as jasmine and lime; fennel and apple; and elderflower and lemon.

Cut + Grind

The Urbanest Building

25-27 Canal Reach

Kings Cross



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