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Current Obsession: eBay

So obsessed with finding eBay bargains right now! Recently I’ve managed to get a few things under £2 and this dress in the photos cost me £2.21! (Although I hate that postage always pushes up the price!)

This is a dress from JOY, which if you know the store is pricey so dresses are around £50-70 so for £2.21…how could I resist bidding?

I actually bought this dress for my mum for Christmas as she buys so much from JOY but it wasn’t the right fit or dress for her (I let her see it early as I wasn’t sure she would like it!) & so now I have a new dress 😀

Dress – Joy/Louche via eBay

Boots – Matalan (featured in like every post recently!)

Tights – Primark (of course)

Check out my eBay 😀

#JOY #louche #matalan

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