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Cosmo Superblogger MasterClass

Camo jacket – Rokit (DIY)

Dress – Primark

Belt – Grandads

Boots – Doc Martens

On Monday 14th May I travelled into Central London for the Cosmopolitan Superblogger Masterclass! First me and my mum popped into a few shops in Oxford Circus (seriously no more shopping for me for a while!!!) Then we went to Bella Italia with my dad. I love that they offer 20% student discount, I’m going to miss being a student 🙁

We went along to Kings Cross around 6 to meet with my friend Camilla to go to the British Library for the event. We went to the bar to get our glass of champagne and were treated to mini salmon and cream cheese squares and mini yorkshire puddings!

After chatting for about half an hour everyone was asked to go in to the auditorium for the Superblogger master class! There were seven people on the panel which included Louise Court (Cosmopolitan editor – I recently interviewed her for a university project!), Pat McNulty (Digital editor of Cosmopolitan), Dominic Smales from Gleam Digital, Andreas Pouros from Greenlight Digital, Vicki Fogwill from Next, blogger Fashion Foie Gras and Kat Williams from Rock n Roll Bride.

The panel taught me so much about my blog. Some things I already knew and plan to improve – my layout and my photos. My blog is in need of a huge makeover! I wish the masterclass had taught us more on blog layouts because this is something I really can’t seem to do, it’s easy right? I need someone to show me! Photos are a difficult thing to improve as I don’t have the time to go outside, to a nice location, and take photos as I always take my outfit of the day images just before I’m heading out so they are often pretty rushed!

The class influenced me to start my own YouTube channel…so maybe I will, if I can get the confidence. I have considered making one for years since I was about 13. Me and my friends used to make silly videos about seven years ago but that doesn’t count…

I can’t believe fashion blogger Foie Gras used to blog up to TEN times a day! TEN! I used to think posting everyday was over the top. It’s amazing she is so dedicated to it and now can make her full time job, I’ll definitely be reading her blog and Rock n Roll Bride more often now. I LOVE reading blogs and writing my own and turning it into a full time job would be AMAZING. But I have a long way to go. Foie Gras and Rock n Roll are such inspirational bloggers and they have come so far!

I took some notes from the event and here are the top tips on blogging I took from the event:

  1. Remove photos you do not own!

  2. Keep the same picture and bio on your blog Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Blogger/Instagram

  3. Have a well designed blog

  4. Good quality photos

  5. Good writing

  6. Be careful what you tweet

I plan to work on all of this over the summer…I have a lot to do!

I didn’t think of bringing my camera along to take photos so I used my phone.

Photos from the day

Some coconut water for the train!

Dinner in Bella Italia

At the Cosmo event with Camilla and my mum!

The panel!

Drinks after!

The goody bag which included dry shampoo, fake pan and mitt, heat defence, body shop body butter (my favourite scent which I just used up!!), eyebrow pencil, deodorant, eyebrow pencil, deep cleansing oil, shampoo and of course an issue of Cosmopolitan!

Oh and I bought some things in Topshop and Zara on Oxford Street – SO bad!!

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