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I had fun taking photos and acting like a kid again and thinking I’m Cara Delevingne.

Co-ord – Asos

Boots – New Look

Hat – eBay

Autumn is slowly creeping in and my style is beginning to match – I am currently letting my Barry M Gelly Cocoa painted nails dry as I type, a very autumnesque colour I like to believe.

Recently I’ve treated myself to two pairs of heeled boots, not the most practical of shoes however I recently wore the above New Look heels on a night out and they were very comfortable and easy to walk in. (Well after 5 hours my feet would disagree but still, I managed well I like to think!?)

Although a change of season it doesn’t exactly mean a change of style for me, I’m still in love with coordinates and black bowler. Compared to the last coord I featured on the blog (as seen here) which was very summery, above I am wearing an outfit which I feel fits the season and weather more due to style, pattern and colour. I bought this ASOS Vintage reclaimed coordinate with my birthday vouchers (yes I saved them from July!).

I love buying Autumn clothes, I’ve already treated myself to new boots (as I said) and a new coat but there is so much more I want. This coat oh and this coat AND these jeans are currently on my wish list…oops! Definitely regretting not getting it all with the 20% student discount which is just ending as I type…*cries*

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