• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Clinique: Anti-blemish 3-step kit

I started using this last summer and found it really did help my spots and blemishes. It didn’t clear it completely but since using it I’ve had a lot less ‘pop up’ !

I used it for a few months and when I used it all up I stopped using it for a few months before getting another set, as shown in the photo above for Christmas. I noticed when I stopped using it my skin got worse! I definitely recommend it if you want clearer skin – although I wouldn’t say my skin is clear sadly but this has made it better!

I saw some photos of myself from a few weeks before I started using this last year and noticed how my skin definitely has improved since then!

It’s quite pricey though with each thing costing around £15-20. There is a 3 step pack for around £30 you can get which comes with face wash foam however I bought it all separately and bought the anti-blemish soap.

I have the soap, toner and moisturiser. Clinique often have offers, you can get free gift sets when buying two or more products. This is how I discovered the set as my free gift set was a travel version of the above.

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