• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Cherry Lips, Crystal Skies

Having way too much fun!

Top – Topshop

Skirt – Primark

Boots – River Island

Back in 2008 I was all about wetlook/PVC style leggings and it seems that trend has remerged. I grabbed this skirt at a bargain of £3 in Primark.

PVC skirts are actually very comfortable and not as tight and awkward as they appear. PVC has had a fashion make over and it’s a great statement piece – especially if you get one in a bright colour like me (to match my hair ;))

As PVC skirts are quite a statement piece it is best to wear them with a plain top or shirt, it also adds a classy touch to the look. It also adds a very relaxed and effortless look to a daring outfit as PVC isn’t your everyday wear!

Next time I’m feeling this outfit with some stilettos, no tights and a studded leather jacket for that spring style touch.

I’m a bit of a Taylor Swift fanatic by the way hence all the Swifty related titles on here…

Photography by Karl Cowell from Tartle Blog

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