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Buys in Italia

Here are some photos of my purchases in Italy 🙂

I found this amazing store called Brandy Melville in Milan. I just couldn’t get over it, everything was either crosses, peace signs, american or british flags, skulls, moustaches. It was just amazing and so me 😛

I looked online and they have a store in Berlin and I’m going there in December *YAY*

Union jack crop top – 14 euros

Aztec skirt – 7.99 Euros – Bershka

19.99 Euros – Bershka

Tourist Venice top – 5 Euros

Dip hem top (I bought this to go with the skirt but it doesn’t go very well and the top isn’t very me. I’ll find a way to style it!)

12.99 Euros – Bershka

29 Euros – Brandy Melville

1 litre – 11.99 Euros (so cheap compared to home!)

Prosecco yum! 2.50 Euros

Romeo & Juliet glasses!

Essence nail polish – 1.25 Euros

I’m crazy and bought a pointless Tumblr tee!

Shopping hehe!

Cross necklace – 5 Euros – Brandy Melville

£38.50 – Thomson Duty Free

4 euros – Brandy Melville

5 euros – Brandy Melville

5 euros – Brandy Melville

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