• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Busardi SS15 LFW

The Busardi SS15 show was our first at LFW and we loved it.

When we arrived at London Fashion week and considering we are used to high street fashion, we didn’t really know what to expect. When we turned up at the Busardi SS15 show we were surrounded by some of the best dressed people we had ever seen. The collection was full of dresses I can imagine someone would actually wear out to a party or wedding, which I am not going to lie, surprised me. I was expecting some crazy High Fashion pieces that were going to blow my mind. The collection featured a variety of pastel themed dresses that were extremely elegant.

Considering this was only the second show Busardi has had at London Fashion Week the Bangkok duo behind the label (Busardi Muntarbhorn and Tuck Muntarbhorn) hosted a wonderful event; filled with some amazing fashion bloggers, editors and designers. Taking the inspiration from South America to make the Female models look strong and beautiful (which they all did). The hair styling and accessories of the models complimented the dresses and we loved the ear cuffs!

I was suprised to see one of the models for the collection was a friend of ours from Canterbury (Lonnie in the purple dress). Who I have both worked with previously at a Nightclub in Maidstone and we had enjoyed our time at the show!


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