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Budweiser’s Ultimate Summer BBQ

I’m heading to Budweiser’s Ultimate Summer BBQ at Dalston Roof Park!

On 22 July 2015 from 7pm Budweiser will be hosting the Ultimate Summer BBQ to celebrate the grand finale of the ‘Budweiser King of BBQs’ competition. There will be music by DJ Dom Chung, food by Bodean’s, and cook-off judged by top BBQ chef Neil Rankin.

This will all be happening at Dalston Roof Park and I’ll definitely be going along. How can I resisit a night of my two favourite things – Bodeans and Budweiser?! You can go too, you just need to register for FREE on this link to get your ticket. Tickets are available to all UK, Isle of Man and Channel Island residents 18+ only.

Food will be in full flow courtesy of legendary BBQ restaurant, Bodean’s, including their famous burgers, nachos, ribs and pulled pork. The cook-off to crown Budweiser’s King of BBQs will then be judged by top Smokehouse chef Neil Rankin, and Bodean’s Executive Chef, Richard Coates, as well as Budweiser themselves, to see who has the grill skills to win the title.

Dalston Roof Park

The Print House

18-22 Ashwin St


E8 3DL

If you fancy hosting a BBQ yourself this weekend ahead of the big night then Neil Rankin has kindly shared his insider BBQ tips!

This is how you can become the Budweiser King of BBQs.

1. Don’t light everything all at once. Gently light your BBQ in one or two areas and let the coal do the work. You’ll get more time out of the same amount of charcoal this way.

2. The amount of coal you need to add depends on how thick your grill bars are. The thicker the bars the less coal you need as the thicker bars retain the heat better. Bear in mind you can always add more if you need it – cooling a grill down is harder than warming it up and you never need a grill to be too hot for anything.

3. Marinades sound lovely, but actually make grilling much more difficult and create lots of flames which leads to the meat burning. There is no huge benefit to marinating good meat unless it’s gone off and you’re trying to hide that from someone! You’re much better off cooking it properly then serving the marinade as a condiment.

4. The colder your meat the more smoke flavour it will take on. So to give your meat as much of that delicious BBQ boost as possible, get the smoke going early and place your meat in the fridge to keep it cold. Smoke absorption also reduces as the meat cooks and moisture levels reduce, so the longer it takes to cook the better.

5. Know when to stop – if meat is falling apart or falling off the bone it’s overdone. When it’s soft and bouncy to the touch it’s done, and time to enjoy.

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