• Roxii Hoare-Smith


Blue Suede Shoes

Coat – Feraud

Playsuit & Boots – Zara

Bag – Risk

Last week we visited Budapest and a weekend away means I had to buy a new outfit of course. If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen that I have been obsessing over the new SS15 collection in Zara and I slowly seem to be buying it all. As you can see I also dropped by Zara in Budapest too, oops.

The weather was absolutely beautiful while we were there. Sunny, dry and cool – the perfect opportunity to wear this outfit and not feel chilly – spring is finally here guys!

A denim jumpsuit can seem baggy, unflattering and masculine and although adding an oversized coat can only fuel this boyish look I added my new blue suede shoes boots for a dainty and elegant style. Ditching the tights can also immediately make an outfit feel so much better and spring-like.

Other ways to wear the jumpsuit would be with a checked shirt around the waist, which seemed to be popular last summer and has continued into collections this season, or with heels to transform the look from day to night.

I was probably a bit stupid by bringing only new pairs of shoes to Budapest but these boots are so comfortable and it wasn’t until the end of the day (and lots of walking) that they began to pinch. I recently bought these beautiful babies from Zara too which I will be styling on the blog soon!

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