• Roxii Hoare-Smith


I spent a weekend in sunny Bucharest

Dress – H&M

Heels – Zara

Last weekend I spent a few days in Bucharest. A lot of people do not seem to know where that is and when I say Romania they are a bit shocked. I change my mind every trip but for now Bucharest is one of my favourite cities for sure and I’ll be writing travel guide shortly. I’m sure Bucharest is going to be the next Budapest and Prague soon and will be flooding with British tourists.

As I read it would be 30 degrees in Bucharest (and it definitely was) I thought this neon lime green dress would be perfect for the sunny weather. Although it clashes against my hair, as you can tell from most of my outfits I don’t really care about hair, makeup or outfit clashing. I thought as well as being pear shaped I would dress like a pear too. The saying red and green should never be seen obviously means nothing to me.

I did receive one comment on Instagram from someone saying they didn’t like the colour of this dress, but I think that’s what I like best about it. The fact that it is so daring, so individual therefore so me. You can’t lose me in a crowd either!

After a bit of posing it was then time for our rooftop terrace party!

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