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Bubba Gump Review

So on Friday we went to Bubba Gump to do a little review! So if you don’t know what Bubba Gump is; it is an American train based around the film Forest Gump and specialises in shrimp/seafood. I must admit this did worry me a bit as we showed up as I am not seafood’s biggest fan.

As we showed up we were greated by a cheery assistant who explained to us that when you reserve a table you don’t reserve it under a name but instead under the name of your favourite film. So naturally we were Batman but it was great hearing others getting called as they waited, there was a Mean Girls, The hangover and a Fault in our Stars also. This instantly set the tone of how fun and interactive the restaurant was going to be.

We were also told that we were welcome to go to the bar and wait… Which if you know Roxii and I we obviously did! We had some amazing cocktails that were no more than you would pay in any cocktail bar in London BUT you got to keep the cool glass that it came in if you ordered a certain cocktail. Is was also nice to see a range of different cocktails, although some were similar to others they were all new names and not just the boring Sex on the Beach or Woo Woo but the bar staff were happy to make these if you asked.

The guys at the bar had some issues with the card machine but the store had only opened 2 days before so there was going to be hiccups, he went downstairs and grabbed another card machine for us and was friendly and apologetic enough that I didn’t bother us in the slightest. The atmosphere was great, as was the general look and feel of the building. The place was open and not too cramped and was so much bigger than it looked!

So when we got to our table we were met by Mark, our server, who was on point all night. He knew the menu like the back of his hand and was happy to recommend items too us and was extremely funny and interactive as were all the staff around us.

For starters, we ordered crab stuffed mushrooms which were amazing! Not too fishy or mushy and a nice seafood starter and a portion of onion strips, which was big enough to be a main meal, which we shared between us. As we finished our starters the main meal was arriving!

So as a main meal I asked Mark what the best option was for someone not too keen on fish and he recommended two options a steak or a southern fried chicken dish. I am a chicken man, so naturally went with the chicken option and was not disappointed. The portion size was incredible! Two huge chicken breasts, a corn on the cob and a huge dollop of mash. There was so much on my plate I had to leave some and I am not one to shy away from food! The quality also matched the quantity. My meal was fantastic and if you’re not a fish fan I would highly recommend it!

Roxii had a seafood platter consisting of Prawns, southern fried fish, scampi and chips. The presentation was great and the portion size again was huge. Her meal was a little cold but I think this was due to the nature of the way it was presented and was so tasty it didn’t bother her. Again the meal was so large we had to leave some but the guys there were making jokes about not wasting anything here and chucked what we left over into a takeaway bag for us to eat for lunch the next day!

For dessert we were both thinking whether or not we had enough room to do it but Mark was very persuading, not in a pushy way, but just made it sound so good that we had to try it. We decided to share a bread and butter pudding and I am glad we did as it was huge! It was so good but even with the two of us sharing we couldn’t finish it!

With the total bill coming to £75 including two cocktails each we can’t complain! Roughly £25 a meal with a starter and main each and a dessert to share but there was more than enough food (infact enough for lunch the next day too).

All in all this restaurant with friendly staff, huge food portions and reasonable pricing and great tastes went above and beyond. They have rescinded some bad press recently which surprised us. We came to the conclusion that the reviewer must of thought they were going to somewhere posh or hadn’t cracked a smile in 20 Years. If you guys want a fun and friendly restaraunt in a nice location and your willing to spend £30-£40 on a meal and some decent drinks at the bar then you will enjoy Bubba Gump!

Food: 8/10

Service: 10/10

Drinks: 8/10

Cleanliness: 10/10

Overall: 9/10

100% would recommend to a friend!

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