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Bralets & Gingham

I’ve had a bit of an obsession with gingham this summer!

Everything – Topshop

Thank you to my mum who treated me to this (and a dress) a few weeks – okay maybe 3 months ago now – on our shopping trip, I’ve been slow in uploading photos oops! She also got herself these shoes, but I’ve stolen them here and a few times after 😉 As you can tell I love Topshop, a lot, a stylist once said I looked like a Topshop girl but I’m not sure if it’s that a compliment or not! Oh and by the way, I apologise for my awful posing, I look so awkward don’t I!? I think I need to take some less cringey photos at the weekend,

I adore Topshop jeans, I need more in my life especially some ripped ones but I need to get saving those pennies as it’s just a month now until I head to India and I have so much to prepare and I need some Rupees! I am actually quite looking forward to August, although all the fun will be over I won’t have to stress about my 21st Birthday party (next weekend!), moving out (2 weeks!), paying bills and heading to India. Hopefully I can get back into blogging properly too as I am all over the place at the moment I apologise.

Oh and by the way, I AM SELLING CLOTHES. Click here! Even though I sorted out 3 black sacks for charity and put this lot on eBay, there seems to be no extra room at all. I have an awful shopping obsession!

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