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Boohoo dress

I made my second Boohoo order back in November, well my mum & dad did really but I ordered it with her card and she wrapped it up for Christmas haha!

I made my first order back in 2011 on a maxi dress reduced to £7, it looked like it was more like £30! This time I ordered two dresses and skirt.

I’m so pleased with the Boohoo products, such good quality at low prices. This dress only cost £12! I will definitely shop there again. It is also a great fit, which with most clothes I’ve bought recently I can’t say the same. I have clothes which are a size Small or 8/10 and they are all either too small or too big. Why aren’t all sizes the same!? I have clothes in my wardrobe ranging from size 6 – 18 which is crazy!

For me, this dress is so plain! But it was the fit and the knot detail which drew me to it.

I only just got around to wearing the dress two weeks ago (when photos were taken) to a 90s themed night. I know the dress isn’t at all 90s but I didn’t bother dressing up!

These photos were taken before we went out.


As you can tell I WAS NOT READY – definitely not posing!!

Dress – Boohoo.com

Litas – Ever ours

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