• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Boat Party OOTD

I didn’t take any outfit photos in Rhodes, apart from these! This was on the third day of our trip and we went on a boat party with Club 18-30. I already booked one for Spain, I’ve wanted to go on a boat party since watching The Inbetweeners movie and now I will be able to experience two in one month!

I bought this outfit the day before I went away in Primark, I’m so into co-ords at the moment so for £16 I couldn’t say no. The Topshop sets are sadly too expensive! The outfit doesn’t exactly do my figure any justice though, it just makes me chest look even flatter than it is already! But I love the style of the shorts and bralet and the pattern. The set is also such a great fit and the shorts are SO comfortable which I don’t find very often. Primark also sell the set in bright pink and cream.

Head to toe in Primark

This was a very busy day. We got to sleep about 3/4am the night before and then were up at 10am for the all day boat party and then onto KGB for an after party. PHEWTH! I even managed to squeeze in time for a tattoo and meet up with the people we met on holiday for a chat and drinks until about 3am. It was a long and tiring day but so much fun, really wish I could relive it all over again.


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