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Blooming Brilliance Pop-Up Bar

Blooming Brilliance at The Rib Room is open until 2 August 2015!

Yesterday we escaped a blustery London for an evening tea break at The Rib Room. But this wasn’t your usual kind of tea break. We were there to try out the knew Blooming Brilliance pop up at the restaurant located in Jumeirah Carlton Towers.

I felt like I had stepped back in time or onto the set of a James Bond film. The Rib Room is very fancy, but in the right kind of way. I had spent most of the day in a field, in the rain at Foodies Festival before we arrived. So looking out the window at the pouring rain earlier that morning I had been worrying, ‘What do you wear to to a outdoor festival and to a five-star hotel?’

But it didn’t matter at The Rib Room. As soon as I walked in I felt at home and well looked after, you didn’t need to be dressed the part to fit in or feel comfortable. We were in for a treat…

The hotel is located in the heart of Knightsbridge. It’s somewhere I have always wanted to go and I’m so glad I finally got the chance. It was so much better than I had ever imagined.

The Rib Room is fine dining (and drinking) at it’s best. You can order good quality cocktails and bar food in relaxed surroundings. There’s no feeling that you need to move on or waiters checking on you every few minutes to see how you are or offer you more to drink. Don’t get me wrong the service was very attentive, but in all the right ways. I will now happily make The Rib Room my new go-to bar in SW London.

I started off with a Tea Break cocktail, a refreshing mix of cucumber, green tea and egg white with gin. It was absolutely amazing.

Karl went for the Sloane Street Vesper. I’m not a big fan of drinking of spirits straight but the vesper was a drink I could enjoy. It’s something you can sit and back and sip on all day amongst the relaxing surroundings.

The Rib Room even has it’s own gin which you can try at the bar, it’s distilled not too far away in Cambridge.

To go with our cocktails we were brought over a few bar snacks. This is bar food at it’s best, I don’t think there is anywhere in London that you can get better.

We feasted on guilt-free vegetable based dishes with salmon and tuna steak, both beautifully and colourfully decorated.

The bar has a vast selection of drinks including a variety of gins. The Rib Room is also home to some VERY knowledgeable staff including our mixologist Rihards.

Rihards was the star of the show on this particular evening. I don’t think I have met anyone full of such knowledge, it was so interesting to hear about the history behind different spirits and cocktails. It was also great to hear about the methods behind each of the cocktails at The Rib Room, it was lovely to know that each cocktail is made with so much love and care. So much thought has gone into each cocktail on the Blooming Brilliance menu. We were also give a tour of the restaurant and were shown the cigar cupboard, a haven for cigar aficionados. Very impressive.

We then sat back down for a few more cocktails. I went for the Sloely but Surely. A champagne based cocktail mixed with sloe gin, obviously. This has to be the best champagne cocktail I have ever had.

There’s just a few days to go before the Blooming Brilliance Pop Up at The Rib Room closes. Make sure you get there by Sunday!

The Blooming Brilliance bar is open daily from 4pm and serves 17 Botanical-inspired cocktails and seasonal light cuisine.

The beautiful floral decoration reflects a summer theme with imaginative planting of botanical herbs, and vibrant flowers. It was a gorgeous escape from the drizzly city for a while.

Saverio Vicari, the Rib Room’s Head Mixologist has created a special menu which offers 17 cocktails with a botanical twist. The cocktails offer classic English favourites as well as some refreshing non-alcoholic choices as an option for those who are teetotal.

Other cocktails include Jack and Shrub – a concoction of Gentleman Jack Bourbon, Amaro Lucano and strawberry shrub and lemon juice. For those who like something a bit different, go for the Basil Sour, a mix of Beluga vodka, lemon juice and ginger syrup with a teaspoon of basil olive oil.

If you do not have time to visit The Rib Room before the Blooming Brilliance pop up end (2 August 2015) then do not miss out on the The Rib Room altogether. I cannot recommend the bar enough, I’ll definitely be visiting again. I felt so at home, the staff definitely know how to make you feel like ‘one of the family’. The Rib Room Bar & Restaurant

Jumeirah Cartlon Tower

Cadogan Place



020 7858 7250

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