• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Black lace & neon

Top – random shop in Kingston (opposite Starbucks!)

Skirt – Missguided

Heels – Primark (of course!)

I was looking for a neon skirt like this for a while and Missguided seems to be the first place I found which got one in stock! Now everywhere seems to be selling them. I’m loving the neon trend right now, I have a similar coloured knitted jumper I’ll post soon and I have some neon sandal heels on their way to me from China! I posted about this skirt before here. I will have to post an ‘ootd’ featuring my Celine top and this skirt soon as I have been wearing that outfit a lot recently but I have never had the chance to take photos of me in it!

The midriff trend is another favourite of mine, I’ve been wearing so many crops recently. I think I own about 20 crop tops now or more. I can’t wait to wear them this summer (if we have one) and on holiday.

Here are the Primark heels AGAIN! I need to invest in more shoes like these, seriously so comfy and I haven’t taken a tumble in them yet which is good for me.

I’ve been blogging a lot this week. From next week I’ll be back at uni and it’s going to be a busy month full of lots of deadlines and exams so I won’t (or shouldn’t be) blogging as much so I’ll make the most of it now! I’ll still be taking outfit photos so I’ll build them up.


#kingston #Missguided #Primark

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