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Best Beauty Buys of 2012

MUA Undressed Palette

I can’t believe this palette cost me just £3, unfortunately I haven’t tried the Urban Decay Naked palettes (£3 is more in my price range than £36) but I’ve heard the MUA palette is the next best thing.

The eyeshadows last almost all day without the use of a primer and the colours are so pigmented!

I reviewed it here.

GOSH Holographic Nail Polish

Although it claims to be a one night only polish, every time I use it seems to last at least two days! It is probably the polish I use the most and is definitely worth £4.99 (I don’t normally spend as much as that on a nail polish haha!)

My review is here.

Primark Lipstick

I bought this lipstick for £1 back in April and loved it so much I went back for more and fortunately for me, they had all been reduced to 50p! So now I own about five!

This lipstick is so pigmented and lasts so long, even when drinking it hardly wears off. Weirdly, I prefer this to my Mac lipstick!

Lush Lip Scrub

I was bought this for Christmas 2011 and in 2012 I bought Popcorn and Sweet Lips, I can’t get enough! The scrub is great to use before applying lipstick to remove any dry skin and to make sure the lipstick applies a lot smoother! It tastes great too!

I reviewed this product last year here.

Dermalogica Clean Start day/night 3 step

This is a great little travel kit I bring with me whenever I stay at a friends or my boyfriends. It’s also improved my skin so much and has definitely kept away the spots! (Don’t get me wrong. I still get spots, but the amount has reduced so much!) I got this kit in Glossybox but it seems to retail for under £10 online so I need to order myself another kit as this has run out now! 🙁

I also reviewed this product here.

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