• Roxii Hoare-Smith


I went to Berlin for a few days last week, I had a fantastic time but it went by too quick I feel like I haven’t been yet!

Berlin was great but I now know that next time I should do my research before I go and find out where to go instead of trying to do it there and failing haha. Despite that, I had a great trip!

Below: Our Hotel

Pre drinks in my room before going to the ‘partyhaus of Nikolas’ hehe 😀

Look in the mirror below, looks like a photo!

It was great to spend some time with my favourite people 🙂

The snow slide at Potsdamer platz was so scary but fun!

My swimming pool cocktail at the half price happy hour in the bar below our hotel!

Having fun with paper aeroplanes hahahah! The loser takes a shot 😉

I totally ignored the ‘red and green shouldn’t be seen’ rule 🙂

When the waiter brought over our hot chocolates I thought they were bowls of soup!

The partyhaus at Alexanderplatz – so fun!

Sadly the Primark below our hotel wasn’t open yet 🙁

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