• Roxii Hoare-Smith


Trying to make the most of the sun while I still can!

Two Piece – Boohoo

Heels – ASOS

Bag – Zara

As much as I may not want it to, summer is coming to end. I’ve already started buying winter dresses, boots and jumpers and although I can’t wait to wear them I need to make the most of my summer outfits while I still can! I’m going to miss the open toe booties, little coordinates and not having to wear tights.

You may recognise this outfit, as I’ve featured it before however in a different colour (see here). I fell so in love with the style and comfort of the two piece that I decided to buy it in both colours. It’s probably lucky that it’s only available in two colours as I probably would have brought the whole collection have there been more.

White is such a fresh colour which can really emphasise your hair and skin colour. The basic colour also allows me to focus more on my make up and accessories so I wear for a brightly coloured lipstick. White is such a summery colour and I own so many white pieces I’m determined to incorporate them into my winter outfits and I have some ideas so watch this space!

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