• Roxii Hoare-Smith


Spring may be here but it’s still bloody freezing!!

Duster coat – Asos

Jumper – Primark

Leggings – H&M

Trainers – Nike via Asos Lipstick – Illamasqua Matte Lip Liquid in Forbidden

My outfit posts seem to be all the same lately – duster coats and trainers. I’m not turning boring but with this dull March weather it’s all I want to wear and it’s the perfect attire for exploring London.

I went for a subtle palette with cool grey, white and light blue as we slowly transition into spring. Basic pieces are the best investment. The turnover of trends is high so it’s great to fill your wardrobe with basic pieces so you can mix and match with newer pieces meaning you won’t need to keep breaking the bank. Basic coloured leggings, trainers, and jumpers, as pictured, are items that never really go out of fashion. Although ‘basic’ they do not need to be boring. I plan on bringing this duster with me right into summer, I first featured in on the blog back in September here. It was a steal in the ASOS sale last year. I’m a hoarder when it comes to clothes, which explains why my wardrobes are bursting. But it’s great to dig out items again. Like this jumper I featured here over a year ago. I go for a lot of basic pieces which I can put away once I am bored but dig it out again years later and hope no one notices. So it looks like I am wearing something different every time. But I just gave my secret away oops.

Photography by Karl Cowell

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