• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Bargain outfit

Dress – Topshop

Wedges & Bag – Zara

The dress and the shoes were both major bargains. The bag was a christmas present at full price however I managed to grab the dress for £9 from £40 in Topshop and the Zara heels for 8 euros from 60 euros!

The Zara heels were bought in a second hair shop in Barcelona, brand new with tags and 52 euros off of the original price. I probably wouldn’t normally go for shoes like this but I can never resist a good bargain. They are one size too big but I don’t even notice this when wearing them and they are so high but so comfortable! I managed to pick up the last dress which happened to be in my size in Topshop back in July. I bought another Topshop dress the other day, £27 from £120 but sadly I had to take it back as it was 3 sizes too big and VERY noticeable! 🙁

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