• Roxii Hoare-Smith


Dress, heels – Primark

I wore this outfit out recently for a Pizza Express meal, could really eat another Tuna Nicoise now thinking about it, and then we saw a band in the local pub.

As always, I’m all ‘primarked’ out. I bought this dress back in January for £10 but have been saving it for when the weather warmed up a bit. I love that Primark are selling midi skirts/dresses and polo tops/dresses just like Topshop and they are even cheaper than the ones I was originally buying on eBay. Primark has definitely improved over the past few years, usually it would take a few months before their dupes came in stock now it’s just weeks or days.

I saw this shoes in Primark the other day and my Mum suggested buying a spare pair and I was like don’t be silly! I regret it now. I’ve noticed the front is a little scuffed and now I really wish I did have a spare pair in case they do get ruined even more as these shoes are my babies, my favs (sorry to all my other shoes).


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