• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Autumnal Polaroids

To celebrate autumn Ocean Loans sent me a Fujifilm Instant Camera (in a beautiful raspberry pink to match my hair may I add) to get snap happy in and around my home.

Taking these photos made me realise how beautiful autumn is. I fell in love with the stunning red, yellow and orange colours which also gave me inspiration to add more autumnal themed clothing to my wardrobe. I’ve never really taken notice to how pretty the colours of autumn are and how this season brings such wonderful photography opportunities.

It’s the perfect season for blogging (when it’s not raining that is!) as the lighting is just right. The only issue is trying to squeeze in outfit shots as it’s now pitch black by the time I leave work!

I took a lot of these photos on my lunch break during strolls around Kensington Palace and Gardens. I normally hit the shops on my lunch break but this really made me appreciate the beauty of the area. Now I’ll be spending more time admiring the local area (it may save me some money too!)

The selfie (I always manage to get one in) is to represent the autumn colours I have been wearing recently. I love bright colours so I’ve added a lot of mustard into my wardrobe.

(Only issue with polaroids is that there’s no chance of deleting and retaking so selfies can be hard hahaha…)

I think autumn may now be my favourite season.

What’s your favourite thing about autumn?

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