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ASOS: Ordering clothes online part II

In part one I posted about another of my favourite online stores, Missguided. I would say ASOS and Missguided are my two favourite online stores and I’ve ordered a bit too much from them both over the past two months!!

I cannot fault ASOS in anyway. If I have ever had a problem they have sorted it out instantly and I know the same has happened with my friends. I actually had a problem with this order originally and they sorted it out within a day or two – amazing! Over the past five years, my family and I have ordered a lot from ASOS. I love their clothes, the brands they sell and the variety of prices to suit everyone.

In this post I just want to talk about ordering things online and how they don’t turn out how you expected! The dress in the photos below, in my opinion, looked very different to the photos online.

Asos Image

My images

In person the dress is a lot more neon (did not expect this) and it isn’t as ‘peachy’ coloured as it looks online. This dress is also quite pricey, £55, but it is a lovely fit and very nice material it is probably worth the price tag.

Sadly I returned this dress but I took a few photos for my blog to show how different it looked to the photo online (it even looks different in my photos so I can’t fault ASOS, it is more neon in person!!) Although looking at these photos I regret it now as the dress is lovely!

I love ordering clothes online, I buy almost everything online actually. Sometimes it’s cheaper (variety of codes for discount or free postage), there a larger variety of stores such as Missguided and ASOS which are only online and it’s so much easier to browse! I can never find what I want in stores.

I’m currently trying to resist buying more things off of ASOS, my saved list is huge!

Dress – ASOS

Belt – Vintage

Shoes – Primark

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