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Amorino GelaTea

We visited the new gelato boutique Amorino in Fulham to try their GelaTea.

The new Amorino boutique is located on Fulham Broadway, just opposite the underground.

Looking for an Instagrammable venue in London? Then Amorino is perfect with their wonderful range of brightly colour macarons and sorbets and their incredible floral sorbets!

The boutique is vibrant and colourful with an impressive range of sorbets. The flavours on offer were incredible: Dulce de Leche, Espresso, Organic Sicillian Citrus, Lime and basil; Pistachio; and Lemongrass.

Amorino also serves a delicious rich Italian hot chocolate in a variety of flavours. It was so difficult which flavour to go for! However we were told that the Gianduja is similar to a Nutella hot chocolate so then that made me choice easy being a bit of a Nutella fanatic. As if the impressive range of macarons, sorbets and hot chocolate wasn’t enough, Amorino is also famous for their rose shaped gelato. As you can see in the display below…but scroll down for more beautiful rose gelato photos!

We visited to indulge in Amorino’s take of the classic British pastime of afternoon tea know as GelaTea at Amorino.

The cool Italian spin showcases their impressive selection of gelato-filled macarons, gelato roses, sorbettis (sorbet frappes) and Italian hot chocolate.

The rose sorbets with the GelaTea have been paired with edible flowers. Amorino has teamed with Greens of Devon to match hand-picked flowers to the gelato.

Just look how incredible the sorbets are!?! & Yes they tasted as good as they look!

The sorbets arrive extremely cold (obviously) but so cold that they recommend you wait a few moments before eating. This is so the sorbets don’t melt as fast, ruining the beautiful art. It’s also a blogger/Instagrammers dream as it meant I was able to photography without the stress of it melting fast.

You are able to choose 4 macarons from 8 flavours. We went for Vanilla, Pistachio, Caramel and Lemon. Each macaron was delicately filled with creamy gelato.

The gelato rose flavours included the Mango Sorbet Alfonso d’India which was a striking yellow gelato rose with a beautiful fruity aroma. My favourite of the four was the Chocolate sorbet paired with lavender flowers. The lavender paired extremely well with the chocolate with a delicious ‘perfumey’ hint of flavour, my taste buds were going crazy. It was an unusual but delightful concoction.

The Lemongrass sorbet is paired with oregano with small flowers to add a sweet aroma to the gelato.

The final sorbet was a delightfully sweet but refreshing Raspberry sorbet which is paired with purple nemesia.

The hot chocolate was so thick and creamy and absolutely delicious. The only thing missing was a glass of bubbly!

You’ll be surprised how much ice cream can actually fill you up. Following the GelaTea you are welcome to choose as many sample size servings as you like. It was a struggle but we managed to try a few samples, how could we resist?

The Dulce de Leche and Caramel ice cream were the stars of the show for me.

The GelaTea is available from £35 for two people at Amorino Fulham Broadway. Quite the bargain compared to other afternoon teas across the capital. Amorino also has boutiques in Soho, Charing Cross, Islington, Chelsea, Covent Garden, Westfield Stratford, Bicester Village (Oxfordshire) and WestQuay (Southampton).


8 Fulham Broadway


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