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Aims for 2017

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Happy 2017!

You may need a cuppa, this is going to be a long rambly (is that a word?) one!

I feel like I say this every year but wow, 2016 just flew by!! The older I get the quicker the years go by and each year I’m determined to make the most of it.

For me 2016 was absolutely incredible so it makes me a bit nervous thinking how can I beat such an amazing year? I was able to do so many things that I thought I could only dream of doing plus I feel that 2016 was the year I really started to learn about myself.

So 2016 began with a trip to Riga, another country to scratch off on my scratch map. January is my favourite time of year for a trip, it’s so nice having something to look forward to to beat the January blues, plus it’s always a cheaper time to travel (so this January I am heading to Rome!) I have such wonderful memories of Riga, despite the -18 degrees weather and waking up in on our second morning to the news that David Bowie had died, I had an absolute blast still.

February I headed back to Norway, this time to Oslo to hang out with friends and develop an obsession for Smash. My other favourite European adventures in 2016 included weekends in Bratislava (which I fell in love with) and Paris (which I was so impressed with, compared to past visits) and we also explored the UK with trips to Brighton, Birmingham and Liverpool. I also got to go to Stockholm during Eurovision which I had been dying to do for years and the weekend didn’t disappoint. I’m now trying to resist myself from booking a trip to Ukraine so I can go again this year…

I then went on to go on my first press trip to Corfu which was shortly followed by another press trip to Portugal, where I got to drive a boat for the first time.

In the summer after years and years of dreaming I finally went to Tokyo and during our time in Asia we also got to spend a few days in Shanghai and Beijing. But then we moved to London and became totally broke so the trips began to slow down. But it’s totally worth it to live in my favourite city ever, so I’m not complaining!

The summer of 2016 also saw me camp at a festival for the first time ever. I don’t think anyone saw it coming, me camp for 2 nights in a tent in a field!? Well I did it and I’d definitely do it again.

In 2016 I started focusing on my health a lot more and became less afraid to speak about invisible disabilities. Then following one of my articles went viral and even featured on BBC Radio 1.

Throughout the year I was able to work with some really amazing brands such as Urban Decay, Paul Mitchell, Jones + Jones, Just Fab and ASOS. One of my favourite posts has to be the latest one with Chi Chi Clothing.

I can’t wait for Studded Kisses to improve throughout 2017. I wouldn’t be able to do this without Karl (The poor guy is back to work this Saturday to take the first outfit shots of the year 😉

I’m a very organised person so it scares me that I do not have any plans past February. No trips away like normal and absolutely no idea what 2017 holds. I feel worried but then I need to remember I didn’t know any of the above would happen this time last year. We hadn’t even planned our trip to Asia a year ago. I’m slowly starting to learn that sometimes it’s good to be spontaneous which due to my obsession organisation and constant worrying, I’m not always good at. This time last year I had no idea I would be moving. One Friday in July we decided we would move to London and the following Wednesday we found a place. So who knows what 2017 has in store for me.

I don’t normally like to have New Year Resolutions because I never keep to them! I can’t say I’ll ever do Dry January because thats impossible for me (there’s too many birthdays to celebrate in January…) I can’t say I’ll stop cut out chocolate or junk food from my diet as that’s just never going to happen.

But I can set myself some aims and if I write them on here then I have to go ahead with them, right?

My Aims for 2017

Go to the Gym

I’d never been to a gym or a fitness class until recently. I promised myself that once I moved to London I would go to the gym and since my flat has one which is free I have no excuse. I’ve been here 4 months today and I’ve been to the gym twice and yoga twice, which is terrible. So in 2017 it’s my aim to start going more regular. Especially as I’m starting to feel like my trousers may burst at the seams at any second *I type as I wait for my Thai takeaway to arrive*.

I bit the bullet and went yesterday for the first time alone and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I’m a newbie to this fitness thing so I have no idea what I am doing. HELP ME.

Save Money

This is impossible for me because I always spend money I don’t have on clothes, make up, drinks, food, clothes, more food and trips away. I’m the worst person ever at saving money but in 2017 I really need to change this if I want an exciting future. Most people my age are saving money for a house, which is what I should be doing, but the only thing I want to save for right now is to save to travel the world. (Ok not all in one go, but gradually!)

Be More Grandma

Bit of a weird one, but I’m going to spend more nights in. I’m out at least 5 days a week and I want to spend more nights in working on the blog, writing articles, cooking meals at home and going to the gym and try to be a bit less sociable…but not too much 😉 I also need to go to bed at a more reasonable time as it is making me feel exhausted. Which means I don’t have the energy to go to the gym or fitness classes or sometimes even get on with blogging and writing.

Plus we just decorated our room with fairy lights and cosy cushions and throws so I’m more inclined to chill and work from home. A bit of hygge eh?

Have Adventures

I want to explore more of London and my local area. This can be just going for walks in my local area and discovering new places or going on bigger adventures, taking that plunge and doing what I’ve always wanted to do. I just really want to continue being up for anything and be more adventurous and not hold myself back.

Worry Less

Being the person that worries about anything and everything, this aim is pretty impossible. I’m currently reading ‘The Power’ in The Secret series which already is making me feel more positive about life and worry less. I’m learning to stop thinking about what I could have done or got and focus on the next opportunity. I worry so much about everything but it always works out just fine in the end. I also waste way too much of my time worrying about what others think of me. I think every knows what I’m like by now (read this if you don’t) so there’s no point worrying.

Experiment with Fashion

I do this already so this isn’t anything new but I’m going to continue wearing whatever I want. I’ll wear that pink fluffy coat with those silver shoes, dye my hair vibrant colours, experiment with makeup and bright lipsticks and have my nails as long and as bright as I want.

Drink More Water

Water is amazing and I definitely need more of it. Due to my health I need to drink more fluids that the average person anyway but I have also noticed how much I need water to prevent myself from feeling so ill, feeling so sluggish and to aslo improve my skin and weight.

Say “No” More

I need to start realising that it is ok to say no to things. A few months ago I met some bloggers who were talking about this and it really made me realise, I can say no. Whether that be in my personal life or career/blogging wise. There’s no point putting pressure on myself to please others.

Be Happy

Lastly the one that should be on everyone’s list. Be happy. All the time.

I’m a very happy and smiley person anyway but that doesn’t mean I can’t be any happier.

I’m hoping that going to the gym, drinking more water, improving my sleeping pattern and worrying less will all pay a part in boosting happiness. My post on energy clearing talks about adding more positivity to my life. It’s all about being positive. If you are more positive about life more happiness and good will come to you. There’s no point looking at others and wanting what they have, because you can create your own happiness and adventures.

Speak about what you love, give positivity to others and to yourself. I am learning to stop thinking so negatively. I’m realising that I do it so much just thinking things such as, “I can’t do it”, “I don’t want to go” or “I know I’ll hate it”. (Can you tell I’ve been reading The Secret series? hahaha!)

What I’m Wearing…

Top & Shorts – ASOS

Shoes – Public Desire

Bag – c/o Apricot

Photos taken in Shanghai. See my post on Shanghai here.

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