• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Aggy boots!

Oh dear, I feel sick just thinking about it – maybe it’s just the hangover. I finally got some Aggy boots ahhhh! They were originally on my Xmas wish list but I removed them as I could think of so many other things I could ask for £140! Lucky for me I managed to get them in the Covent Garden Doc Marten store for £70. Oh my, my bank balance hates me so much. NO MORE SHOPPING. I really do have to stop!

oh and trousers are also new. FML. I wanted the Topshop check ponte treggings for a while, they sold out online and then I found the last pair in my local store on the ‘last chance to buy’ rack, they are actually miles too big around the waist but I couldn’t resist…again.

Bad quality photos oops.

Cardigan – Primark

Peplum – Primark

Treggings – Topshop

Aggy boots – Doc Marten

Blurred 🙁

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