• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Afternoon Tea at The Soho Hotel

The Soho Hotel has always been a favourite of mine.

The hotel has 91 individually designed rooms and even the lobby and the hotel’s drawing room, where we enjoyed our afternoon tea, has a unique and edgy look. I especially liked the very oversized desk lamp (which you can see behind us in the photo below) with the very small wall plug.

Everytime I’ve been to the hotel I’ve always seen someone famous. A few months back I had to pop in there briefly and by just standing in the lobby for 5 minutes I saw the bassist from The Killers and Domhnall Gleeson walking around. Unfortunately I didn’t recognise anyone on this visit and days later I saw Demi Lovato was there…I think I went on the wrong day!

I feel as though The Soho is ‘the cool’ place to be and I just wish I had enough money to spend an evening in Refuel bar sampling the cocktails. Afternoon Tea there was something I had always wanted to do so Mum and I took the plunge and decided to treat ourselves.

Although I am a recently converted tea lover I went for hot chocolate, just to be different. We also went for a glass of Pommery champagne each.

The scones were absolutely delicious and still so warm and fresh – perfect. They tasted amazing with fresh cream and strawberry jam. Out of the desserts – Ginger cake, Banana and walnut cake and the Berry panna cotta, the Panna cotta was the winner for me.

I could have spent hours relaxing sitting in the Drawing Room, nibbling on the cakes and sipping on champagne but we had to leave so we could make it to Tower Hill to see the poppies before sundown.

We took advantage of the free sandwich refills but the once was enough, as before we knew it two hours had flown by and it was time to go. We ended up having to take most of the second lot of sandwiches, half the scones and practically all of the cakes home with us because we were so full.

We then popped over to Tower Hill to see the poppies and the sandwiches were devoured on the train home after our extremely tiring day…

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