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Absurd Bird Review

What do you get when you cross amazing chicken, with a relaxed diner style menu and some all American drinks?

The answer is delicious proper southern cooking, a great atmosphere and a pretty cool catch up with Roxii at an awesome restaurant known as Absurd Bird!

This American style eatery is serious about colours, flavours and infusing the easy fun style of street food with the quality, sumptuous dishes you’d expect at any fine dining restaurant. Absurd Bird is a great place to grab a bite if you’re in a hurry, or just after a really, really good brunch.

While waiting for me, sorry again, Roxii snacked on a mini bucket’s worth of delicious spicy flavoured hurricane popcorn and pursued the mouthwatering menu.

The food comes piping hot, servers are chatty and personable and it sort of feels like you’re eating in a cosy bubble, as if the entire world has stopped and you’re just enjoying some good old fried chicken. I, as I’d never had it before, decided to plump for a coke with Eggs Benedict style chicken and waffles something which I gather is a bit of a mainstay in southern cooking.

Oh my! What an introduction, the waffle was buttery, soft and almost sweet! the chicken juicy, moist and perfectly cooked while the eggs sat delicately on top with the hollandaise sauce being the icing on the proverbial cake. Meanwhile, Roxii was chowing down on a rather large, Mexican inspired huevos ranchos bursting with flavour and consisting of fried eggs, avocado and spicy salsa all wrapped up in a soft, floury tortilla. Sadly, it was late afternoon so we didn’t sample the moonshine style drinks Absurd Bird’s all about so me thinks a return trip is definitely on the cards!

Absurd Bird

54 Commercial Street


E1 6LT

Written by Kirsty Braik-Scivyer

Kirsty is a freelance journalist who has written for Bauer media and Vidados. Catch her tweeting @eclipse1473.

We visited around Christmas, look at their cute decorations!

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