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A Weekend in Bratislava

A weekend trip to Bratislava.

Body suit – H&M

Culottes – Zara

Loafers – Topshop

Sunglasses – ASOS

The beauty of living in the UK and having access to low budget airlines means we can visit almost anywhere in Europe within a couple of hours for a long week at an affordable price. (Yeah…lets hope this doesn’t change huh?)

Last weekend a bunch of us went to Bratislava in Slovakia for a long weekend. We left Stansted at 8.30am and 2 hours landed we landed in the Slovakian capital for a chilled wine-filled weekend. Before going and since returning I’ve been constantly asked “why Slovakia!?” and to be honest, why NOT Slovakia? (I’ll write a post soon that will have you wondering why you haven’t been yet ;))

The weather was fantastic the whole weekend at 23 degrees so I was able to make the most of some of my summer outfits. Bratislava is an absolutely stunning city with amazing photo opportunities. Good weather and beautiful buildings for back drops…it is a fashion bloggers dream!

I’ve got the travel blues so I’m already looking at trips for our next group holiday (hehe). I love visiting places which are slightly unknown and underrated and make people say “but why there?” (even though that question drives me absolutely mad!). Belgrade, Sarajevo and Ljubljana are next on my list!

However, next stop is Portugal next weekend!

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