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A Weekend at Amieira Marina, Portugal

Winter sun in Portugal

Last weekend Karl and I spent a weekend on a boat at Amieira Marina. I’ll be writing a full article on our experience soon but for now I thought I would share some photos from our first night.

We flew to Lisbon last Friday and then drove 2 hours to Amieira Marina which is located on Lake Alqueva. When we arrived we were allocated our boat which we would be staying on for the next 3 nights and going around Lake Alqueva in. Neither Karl or I drive a car let alone a boat but it was so easy and we managed to learn how to drive it within minutes. (Yes even accident prone me could drive it!)

Before setting off around Lake Alqueva and visiting the quaint Portuguese villages, we spent an evening at Amieira Marina with dinner at their restaurant.

Here are some photos we got from the deck on our way to dinner where we had beautiful Portuguese wine (this is meant to be the best region for wine) and cheese. Oh my god the cheese. I ate a whole plate to myself and I could have had another!

I couldn’t get over how beautiful the sunset was. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a picture perfect view. Also it was 30 degrees in October so it was the perfect autumn/winter getaway.

The colours of the sky reflecting on the lake were stunning, it’s such a picturesque location.

I’ve never seen the sky such a stunning clear and also so clear. Not a sign of a foggy polluted sky in sight. It makes you realised how polluted London actually is.

At night the stars came out and the whole sky was sparkling. It was gorgeous and so peaceful. It was so silent that we didn’t hear a thing. When we visited nearby village Estrella, the only sound we heard around us was of a cow bell. It was the perfect place to visit for a relaxing weekend and some much needed peace and quiet.

What I’m wearing…

Sunglasses – ASOS

T-shirt dress – Bershka

Shoes – Topshop

Bag – Zara

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