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A Day in West London

Exploring London.

I finally had a free weekend so we got to explore London a bit more…(it only took us 5 months after moving here.)

We decided to ditch our usual (and probably touristy) hangouts of Soho & Covent Garden and explored West London. Although we have 7 months left at our flat we’re already thinking about where to live in London next so over the next few months I want to see as many new areas as possible. I’m pretty determined to remain West as there’s still so much that we haven’t seen (plus it’s so close to work haha!)

London has so much to offer. I know whatever area I’ll move to I’ll fall in love with as there’s just so much to discover in this city.

It felt so good just wandering around aimlessly on Saturday having no plans, no time restrictions and just doing whatever we pleased. (Apart from having to take photos before the sunset, bloody winter!) Also on our walk along the canals we came across so many pink graffiti walls – absolutely perfect for blog photos!

So on Saturday we set off on a walk along the canal. For February it was pretty mild weather and I felt perfectly comfortable in these shorts, knee highs and short furry jacket, despite having to put up with a few turned up noses on our walk! We made our way from Willesden through Kensal and Ladbroke Grove to Westbourne Park. I’m determined to walk to Little Venice and Regent’s Canal when it gets warmer but the cold was starting to get to us so this was as far as we were prepared to go!

Under my furry jacket I wore this stunning lace top bodysuit which I was sent from Blue Vanilla. I’ve seen Blue Vanilla advertised all over the London Underground so I was so excited to review an item from collection.

Blue Vanilla is affordable contemporary fashion and I can confirm, great quality too! I love discovering new online stores. I’m absolutely obsessed with Zara, so lately most of my wardrobe is from there, but I also spend hours (every day) trawling through Instagram trying to find new and affordable online stores. So it’s so nice to find more online fashion brands, but not so nice for my bank account. Also lucky for you, this bodysuit has now gone into the sale!

Jacket and Boots – Zara

Top – c/o Blue Vanilla

Shorts – Boohoo

Bag – New Look

I absolutely adore the detailing to this bodysuit, from the lace sleeves to the mesh cut out and laced up back. It’s such an easy bodysuit to style with literally any bottoms and every time create a whole new look.

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