• Roxii Hoare-Smith

A day in London Town

I went to London for my cousins surprise 30th birthday on Saturday and my dad (surprisingly more than me) really wanted to go to Primark Oxford Street. So I couldn’t resist buying…

I love their nail varnish display and after trying the nail varnishes in Primark before, I was pleased with how good they are for £2.50

(ignore the £50 rubber haha)

You only need one coat, it dries really quickly and the varnish is very bright and doesn’t chip easily.

After, I saw all the Essie nail varnishes in Superdrug, I was so tempted! But for £7.99 I might give it a miss…for now.

This is a similar style to a dress I want in Topshop and ASOS but for a lot cheaper


I love maxi skirts!


Loving the new ‘naked apple’ Kopparberg

Having a drink at St Christophers place

A quick trip to The Hummingbird Bakery

A photo from my cousins party wearing my new Missguided outfit 😛

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