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A Chinese OOTD For Mid Autumn Festival


Blouse and Pinafore – Ledin (Shop in Beijing)

Nike Air Force – Asos

In celebration of Mid Autumn Festival on 15 September (yesterday) I decided to wear this two-piece I picked up during my recent trip to Beijing.

If you didn’t know, Mid Autumn Festival (also known as Moon Festival) is a Chinese festival celebrated each year on day 15 of the 8th month. which is the second month of autumn also known as ‘the middle of autumn’ according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

To celebrate families get together and eating moon cakes is very traditional. I got to try my first Moon Cake thanks to China Icons who sent me a Mid Autumn Festival gift – here.

After seeing so many pinafore and dungaree style pieces in China and Japan I had to get some for myself. I got this pinafore and blouse in a shop called Ledin in a shopping mall in Wangfujing, Beijing. The shop was amazing and had such cool stylish and quirky pieces. I’ve been trying to find the website but it’s really difficult on Google…

I’m starting to see more and more two-pieces hit the stores here in the UK ready for A/W 2016/17. But China and Japan were already ahead of the trend last season!

Photography by Karl Cowell

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