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I only posted an OOTD yesterday but here is another anyway! This was the first time I put on my Jones+Jones dress since I bought it in February because the weather has been so bad (and still is!) But realised the back was all ripped! So disappointed for a dress that cost £65 so hoping I can contact them for an exchange as it still has the tags and I haven’t even worn it anywhere for me to have ripped it myself 🙁 Here are some photos of the dress before I realised the damage haha!

Dress – Jones + Jones

Shoes – Underground

YSL Arty copy Ring – eBay

Watch – ASOS

Jacket – Rokit

Wearing the MUA great lips balm which is probably the best lip balm I’ve ever tried!

Bracelets top to bottom:

Links skull friendship bracelet

Pandora bracelet, silver & gold with charms

Links Sweetie bracelet

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