• Roxii Hoare-Smith


Dress – ASOS

Shoes & Bag – Zara

So my three days of birthday celebrations are over. SO sad! But I’m still buzzing and so happy, I say this every time but I really did have the best time and it was an unforgettable birthday full of so much fun and happiness. I’m so thankful for everyone who celebrated with me, many people travelled far to join in and I got bought so many beautiful presents. I love you all! Thursday I went clubbing, Friday I had a BBQ (this day I also had eight articles, one of which I had my own byline, printed in a newspaper so that really made my birthday too!) and Saturday I had a big party at my house where we went onto a club. There we got free entry and VIP for everyone. Definitely a night to remember (if anyone can remember it anyway? 😉 )

These photos were taken on day one of the celebrations. We went to my favourite club night which I have been going to for two years now for a krispy kreme night and celebrated my birthday at midnight. I’m wearing one of my presents my parents bought me. I wanted this dress months ago when it was £42 but I managed to get it for £16.50 in the sale. Such a bargain as I really do think it is worth the original price. It is currently in the wash, so let’s hope it comes out looking just as nice…I hope I haven’t spoken too soon!

I bought the holographic heels in Zara in Barcelona from the A/W 2013 collection for 30 euros. By the end of the night I was in agony but I did last 9.30pm-4.30am so I guess I can’t complain? Every few months my favourite store changes between ASOS, Primark, Topshop and Zara. Right now I’m so into Zara. I went in there today for a quick browse and left £50 poorer :'(

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