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5 Winter Hair Care Tips

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

How to look after your hair this winter.

Winter may be my favourite season when it comes to fashion but it can be a bit of a nightmare when it comes to my hair. Wind, rain, and even central heating, can be our worst enemy. So here’s a five things you can do to help your hair this season…

1. Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner

The hot air from central heating can dry out our hair so it is best to add extra moisture to our hair routine through a moisturising shampoo and conditioner. This season I’ve been using Kenra moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. This products are very hydrating and add shine to your hair for a healthy finish.

As I dye my hair often it can get super dry so I also use Kenra Platinum Revive Strengthening Oil. The oil helps to prevent further damage, add hydration and strengthens hair. It also makes my hair style a lot nicer and look healthier.

2. Wear a hat

Ok wearing a hat can make hair flat and limp by the time you get to your destination and take your hat off BUT it is also a lifesaver! I walk everywhere so always notice how much the rain, wind or just damp air can completely ruin my hair style. But if I wear a hat (and as my hair is short enough I can now tuck all of my hair in the hat) my hair looks almost the same as before I left the house!

I spray Kenra Platinum Silkening Mist on my hair before I go out to keep it looking shiny and healthy and also add an incredible scent to my hair. I think this is one of the best scented hair products I’ve ever tried! I’ve really noticed a difference to my hair and the healthy shine it adds since using it.

Spray the mist onto your hands and smooth over finished hair. Not only is it a shine enhancer but it also helps tame frizz and protect against humidity. It’s a weightless product so it means I can go without washing my hair again (say a day after) which I normally have to do when applying finishing products. It’s definitely one of the best hair products I’ve ever used.

3. Build volume

So if you do try my above hat trick then you can prevent flat hair by using a root lifting spray. I use Kenra Root Lifting Spray 13 and Kenra Volume 25 Spray to build volume and boost my hair. The root lifting spray is very light so adds volume and body to the hair without the weighty product feel. The volume spray is wind resistant up to 25 MPH and has a super hold for up to 120 hours!

4. Avoid winter frizz and humidity

My hair takes SO long to dry so I’m terrible at going to bed with my hair wet and then regretting it all day the next day when I’m left with wavy flat hair. But now my absolute favourite product is the Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray – This stuff is a game changer and definitely a product I’ll continue to purchase regularly.

Not only does it smell incredible (and the tropical scent lasts on the hair for hours!) but it reduces blow-dry time up to 50% so I have no excuse not to dry my hair now. It protects hair up to 220 degrees and tames frizz, resists humidity and detangles hair. I have also noticed that my hair dries a lot straighter and has more of a salon finished look.

I blow dry my hair with my Paul Mitchell 427 Paddle Brush as it builds body and provides a smooth finish. The brush is lightweight too so it is easy to use and I found it handy for travelling.

5. Dry shampoo is your best friend 

Prevent your hair from drying out too much by washing it less. A beanie hat can be your best friend in this situation (yay for winter!) or I love to use Paul Mitchell’s Dry Wash. I’m always trying new dry shampoos and find that some either smell terrible or make my hair look greasier than it did before spraying it! I love this one because it smells amazing (like your hair has just been freshly washed!) and it leaves my hair looking clean instantly.

This is not an ad. Products were gifted by Salon Success. 

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