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5 Reasons to Czech Out Brno

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Brno may not be the top of everyone’s travel list, but I recently discovered that Czech Republic’s ‘second city’ is vibrant and fun and has a lot to offer.

Brno is just a 2 hour flight from the UK, it’s a beautiful city with wonderful architecture plus it is very inexpensive. Like most British people, I work out how affordable a place is based on the cost of a pint. A pint costs around £1.50, so as you can imagine everything else in Brno is as equally cheap and affordable.  

It’s a relaxing city where you can just spend hours walking around admiring your beautiful surroundings. As Brno is not yet seen as the ‘place to go’ in comparison to Prague or Vienna, we didn’t come across any other tourists or stag dos – like you normally would on cheap, European city breaks.

So here’s why you need to add Brno to your travel wish list!

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  1. THE BARS!

Of course, my number one thing to check out in a new place is the bars, so naturally this is the longest point out of the five!

We managed to check out quite a few during our two night trip, all were extremely affordable in comparison to the UK. I was really impressed by the huge variety and quality of bars in the small city.

Make sure you stop by Super Panda Circus, it is unlike anywhere you’ve visited before. It was voted one of the best bars in the country and it is easy to see why! The bar is hidden in a mysterious doorway and you have to wait until a table is free. Once inside your host will play a card game with you and that will decide what cocktail you’ll be drinking. They all come in a unique way, this could come in a bamboo leaf covered glass, or a baby’s bottle or even in a treasure chest.

1920 London is a gorgeous, stylish cocktail bar with a large variety of spirits and innovative cocktails priced around £4-6. It’s the type of place that you would wait months to get a table at in London and where cocktails would be about £15 each.

Bar který neexistuje (The Bar That Doesn’t Exist) is known for being one of the best bars in Brno, but if you are visiting on a Saturday make sure to reserve a table as otherwise you won’t get in! The bar is VERY impressive, I’ve never seen a bar offering so many spirits! Order unusual cocktails from the magazine style menu which is packed full of creative concoctions.

For the beer connoisseurs, brewery pub Pegas is the place to go. My other favourite bar is Terraza, it offers great views over Brno and a fantastic shisha selection.

  1. The Food

You cannot visit Czech Republic without ordering a hearty plate of goulash and bread dumplings. Lokál U Caipla is by far the best place to have goulash and it’s very reasonably priced at £5 for a very generous portion. I would eat here every night if I could!

Another great dish to try is Svíčková na smetaně (Beef Sirloin with Cream Sauce) which comes served with bread dumplings, plus a slice of lemon with whipped cream and cranberry sauce – very different!

Caffe Trieste is a lovely little cafe to stop by for breakfast, here you can indulge in one of their thick and creamy Italian-style white or dark hot chocolates.

  1. It’s Affordable

As I’ve said many times above, Brno is SO affordable. RyanAir offer direct flights which are very cheap and there’s a great selection of low budget accommodation with very high standards.

I didn’t hold back on my spending and spent around £100 over two nights and that included a lot of wine, cocktails and plates of goulash! Drinks generally cost around £1-2 and main course dishes at top quality restaurants were around £5-6.  

  1. For The Architecture

Brno has absolutely amazing architecture with so many beautifully coloured buildings, I couldn’t stop snapping away!

Great places to visit in Brno include Špilberk castle, Old Town Hall, and Petrov Hill and Cathedral.

This is the hanging crocodile in the Old Town Hall which was thought to be the ‘dragon’ that once terrorised Brno!

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  1. For the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul

Head up the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul for 40 Czech koruna (around £1.50) for stunning views of Brno. It’s a long, dizzying walk up but it is worth it for the views. Make sure you don’t stand under the bell on the hour as you might get a bit of a shock like we did!

We visited in March and the weather was so nice we went out for the day without a jacket! We visited in March and the weather was so nice we went out for the day without a jacket!

We stayed at eFI Hotel which is a 10 minute walk to the city centre and a 20 minute drive from the airport. We flew Ryanair from Stansted.

Loved the hotel’s decor – which made a great back drop for Instagram photography! Paul Mitchell gifted me these absolutely stunning hair straighteners (on sale here) which are the best hair straighteners which I have ever used!

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